Disaster Message Board

-Outline of the service-

The Disaster Message Board is a service that allows customers in the disaster area to register message on EZweb, IS NET or LTE NET when a disaster such as an earthquake measuring greater than intensity 6 lower occurs. The registered message can be confirmed by anybody using an au mobile phone, and also from another operator's mobile phone or PC.

<<Precautions during use>>
- To register message, you need to have an agreement with EZweb, IS NET or LTE NET.
- It is necessary to get the Email address(〜ezweb.ne.jp^〜au.com) to register messages.
- Data packet fee is charged for use.
- You can register up to 10 messages. The messages are preserved during one continuous Disaster Message Board service period. If more than 10 messages are registered, the message that has been retained the longest will be deleted.
- We do not guarantee the quality of the service. Please note that we are unable to take any responsibility for problems encountered when registering message due to an excessive load on the service or the equipment fault, any damage caused by breakage or loss of the message, or loss arising from the registered message.

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